Are You Reddit?


Reddit: a website that seems like a slightly less dark version of the deep web. Since its inception, Reddit has been a hub for multiple topics, also known as threads. It has also been a very vital source of memes, which has been the internet’s craze for the last decade. Despite its massive user base, it has been recently announced that Reddit users are the “least valuable” in comparison to the more popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Since most social media platforms measure their success through the profit it generates per user, Reddit seemed to be at the end of the spectrum. For example, Facebook generates $7.37 per user. Considering its whopping 2.32 billion active users, Facebook tops the spectrum with its total generated profit per user. However, in Reddit’s case, its users’s base reaches only 330 million active users. In addition, it has been unveiled that the profit made per user stands at 30 cents. Yes, you read that right: 30 cents per user. To use a closer example, Twitter has a base of 321 million active users, which is actually less than Reddit. Yet, it manages to generate $9.48 per user annually. The drastic differences between Reddit and its competitors has resulted in an analysis that deemed its users as the least valuable on the Internet.

Generally, Reddit is not very common between social media users. Due to its somehow toxic environment that is saturated with harassment and cyberbullying, not many people felt attracted to the website. Nonetheless, it managed to attract the difficult demographic of 18 to 24 age group due to its edgy communities and their controversial content. Reddit chose to not monetize their users by collecting their data, opposing what most other social media platforms have done. Personally, Reddit has requested the least amount of my personal information compared to Instagram or Facebook. Also, Reddit is much more attractive to advertisers since it manages to attract and keep the aforementioned age group.

In fact, several Reddit users have spoken in favor of Reddit. The users believe that since the platform does not attempt to rob its users in order to be successful makes it an exploitation-free platform, unlike the several others. In addition, the users praised Reddit for being a popular platform despite its refusal to extract as much money as possible from users in exchange for better service. This indicates that Reddit is already giving its users the service that they exactly need without having to pay for it. 

All in all, measuring the value of how successful a social media platform is by assessing how much money and data it can extract from its users has failed Reddit. However, this strategy can be quite faulty in that case since Reddit itself (and even its users) has a different strategy in judging how well it is doing.