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Tracking, Stalking, Googling

Google has been widely known for having an extended access to its users’s private information (approximately the entire world). In fact, it has been sued for having way too much information. Although one might say that people willingly give that information by indirectly (and directly) agreeing to the Terms & Conditions that most of us fail to ever read due to its never ending pages. However, the way that data is utilized (i.e. Google AdWords, location tracking, etc.) has certainly pushed people to question Google’s moral base on acquiring that amount of data. 

Recently, Google has been under immense fire for allowing a certain application to exist on its Play Store.The application, called Absher, allows men in Saudi Arabia to track women based on their location. This is mainly created to satisfy the culturally-patriarchal Saudi men’s need to be aware of every move a woman related to them makes. Of course, this does not at all apply to all Saudi men, but the existence of such an application might open the door to endless stalking cases. The application even gives access to the user to check the flight logs a woman makes, warning the user if she has left or entered a country. The unlimited access can cause a man to prevent a woman from traveling or exiting the country.

Google has investigated that the application does not fundamentally invade any human right, but the people see otherwise. Online users have dictated that each person has a right to privacy, and that includes a person’s right to keeping their whereabouts a private matter. What has further angered the opposers to the application is the fact that it is used to access other governmental services. This shows that the Saudi government also approves of the existence of such an application. Thus, the opposition believes that, in this day and age, women should not have to have their movements monitored by a male guardian. They also believe that adult women do not have to take permission to travel from their male counterparts.

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